Social media can drive as many bookings as paid advertising! Think about it!

We offer Social Media Management for the accommodation industry. Twitter, Linkedin to Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest, our social media teams create energy and presence across platforms to create a unified voice no matter what the ad objective. Our experts are always updated on the latest social media trends and best practices. Whatever your goal or timescale, we’ll work with you and execute a clear strategy to have a strong social media presence in this vast digital landscape.

Your hotel’s future heavily relies on what it does and doesn’t do on social media. Your customers are looking for you via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
The question is – Are you open to business on Social Media?

  • Increased Exposure
  • Direct Bookings Increased
  • Professionally Listed & Engaged On Social Media
  • Constant Monitoring Of Bookings
  • Constant Monitoring Of Trends
  • Social Media Bookings
  • Website Interactions and Growth
  • Booking Engine For Social Media
  • Social Media Optimised
  • Social Media Systematised

Increasing your room bookings through social media requires more than just following a handful of likes and shares. Hotels must utilise the power social media has on smartphones, and the need for their hotel’s visual presence on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedin, etc. Designing the perfect social media strategies for your hotel can be a challenging but rewarding task. It’s a time-consuming route, but it’s a very rewarding route when it’s done correctly!


Hotels are heavy influencers on the net, sometimes the hotels don’t realise the strength of their brand. As their title implies, influencers are those who could have massive social reach with their original content and strong relationships with their audience. Influencer Hotel marketing is a popular marketing strategy that allows hotels to gain trust and exposure through promoting their wanted products to their platforms. As social media experts, we can set up influencer marketing for hotels that are interested in a more targeted and aggressive form of advertisement that aims at heavily increasing their exposure.

Social Media ad campaigns with specified goals and budgets that are fully utilising all the platform’s features cost-effectively.

  1. Full account management for your social channels
  2. Action Plan
  3. Social Media Press Kit 
  4. Page/Channel Evaluation 
  5. Daily posting on all channels
  6. Daily posting on Instagram Stories
  7. Content Creation 
  8. Social Media Ad Management
  9. Social Media Strategy and Campaign Management