Watch the demo of our channel manager and see how easily you can connect to over 400 booking channels in one click

Hotel channel manager
Booking engines for hotels

Over 400 Distribution Channels

My Channel Manager puts your property in front of a global audience whilst giving you complete control of pricing and policies. Best of all, you only pay when you take a booking!

Booking engines for hotels

No Double-Bookings

List all of your rooms and availability on all OTAs at the same time – no more double bookings or overbookings!

Booking engines for hotels

Optimise How You Work With OTAs

Used together with My Promo Manager, you’re able to vary your price and policies by OTA channel.

Booking engines for hotels

One-Click Connection

One-click connection to all leading OTAs: Expedia and, and Agoda, Google Hotel Ads, Airbnb, HomeAway, Ryanair Rooms, and many more.

Booking engines for hotels

Full 2-Way Sync

Rates, availability, photos, content and policies are instantly updated in real time across all OTAs you choose to work with.

Booking engines for hotels

Lower your costs and increase hotel revenue

Maximise your occupancy by advertising on as many hotel sales channels you like for no extra cost. Maximise your occupancy while keeping commissions low and making sure you’re never overbooked.

  • Listing You On 0ver 400 OTAs At A Click Of A Button.
  • Software that pushes out promos at a click of a button.
  • Software that tracks exactly what your competitors are doing.
  • Increased Rates and Visibility
  • Professionally Listed On OTA Channels
  • Booking Engine To Increase Direct Bookings