Hotel Revenue Management Strategies

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Hotel Revenue Strategies

Revenue management is a popular concept within the hotel industry and it’s used to optimise hotel financial results by maximising revenue. The accepted definition is: selling the right hotel room, to the right customer, at the right time, for the right price, via the right channel, with the best cost efficiency.

Typically, it requires hotels to make effective use of performance data and analytics to predict demand, establish a dynamic pricing model, and maximise the amount of revenue that the company brings in.

Although revenue management applies to other industries, it has significance in the hotel industry because hotels deal with a perishable inventory, fixed costs, and varying levels of demand. Your hotel revenue management is considered vital because it takes the guesswork out of key pricing decisions and increases room demand and bookings.

What you will get:

  • A full understanding of your market
  • Segmentation and price optimisation
  • Working closely with all departments
  • Embraced search engine optimisation
  • The correct pricing strategy
  • Increased direct bookings
  • A constant flow of increased sales through email marketing
  • Best Practices for Fact-Finding and Negotiating Sales through your OTA Channels and your Direct Bookings
  • Online and offline Hotel leading Sales Strategies and Sales Advice
  • We bring new customers in abundance and we bring back your old customers through design lead database marketing