Your hotel’s website is definitely the first place to start to increase your direct room bookings

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It’s your hotel’s dedicated sales team that work from our offices. Their job is to book your rooms out and beyond 90% Occupancy. They use our channel manager that’s connected with your property’s PMS. Instantly updating new bookings at your end. WE book your rooms – YOU take the payments.

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If you are a Hotel, B&B, Hostel, Boutique, Apartment, etc. Our services are available to any business that provides rooms for short to long stay guests.

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YES – Contact Increase The Bookings today and we will talk you through the next steps. One of our consultants will analyse your business and give you a free 30 page report on how you can maximise your direct room bookings.


Our business is bringing accommodation providers new business. To do this, we sleep, eat and breath online and offline marketing for hotels, as well as understanding and getting the best results for you. This allows us to understand the whole marketing concept, which takes in the most important part of your online profile “Your Hotel’s Website”

We don’t only build websites, we build websites that bring results, websites that capture leads, and drives traffic that hugely increases direct bookings. As said earlier, there are more resources from OTAs other than their bookings. OTAs can bring any hotel an extra 300% + of direct bookings – You need to know how to work them to your advantage!

Client confidentiality is very important to us. We don’t talk about who we are doing work for, or who we have done work for. This keeps your business confidential. We totally understand that accommodation providers like to keep what happens at their property, in their property. The work that we do for you will always be between you and Increase The Bookings.

Yes: At Increase The Bookings we offer a full suite of services that brings you a one stop hotel marketing shop, for all your needs. Check Out Our Services

Yes. It can be terminated with no penalties with 5 working days notice.

Whatever the reason may be, you can cancel the contract with 5 working days notice. After these 5 days, our services would have stopped and all data will be handed back to your business.

  1. Online Marketing
  2. Bespoke Website Design
  3. Google Hotel Ads
  4. SEO
  5. Meta Search Placement
  6. Social Media Services
  7. Hotel Room Booking Software 
  8. Email/Database Marketing
  9. Hotel Strategy Covering The 9 Circles
  10. Much More

All our services can come individually or part of a package.