OTAs and Meta Search Engines Will Fill Hotel Rooms Again
Over 81% of people are now booking hotels through mobile devices on OTAs and meta search engines.

OTAs and Meta Search Engines Will Fill Hotel Rooms Again

Google Hotel Meat search engines
Google hotel is the place for hotels to increase their direct room bookings through their hotel’s website.
Increase room bookings through OTAs
How to increase your room bookings through OTAs

By Increase The Bookings 5th of June 2020

We hope you don’t mind a very quick read regarding OTAs and Metasearch Engines. Hoteliers need both, but in our opinion, hoteliers should lean more towards metasearch engines that give complete control to the hotels.


Hotel owners rage about heavy commissions and the control that the OTAs have, but hotels have to remember that the largest businesses in the world have top salespeople, and these salespeople are also due heavy commissions. OTAs are the hotel’s salespeople, but unlike most salespeople, OTAs dictate. Is it the control that the hotel owners hate most?

Meta Search Engines

Google Hotel Ads, trivago, Tripadvisor, KAYAK and many others, are the guys that the hotels should be investing their time and hard-earned money with.

  1. They don’t take the contact details of the customers
  2. Zero – 12% commission
  3. The hotelier is in complete control.

Consumers are on the same side of OTAs and Meta Search Engines

The majority of consumers across the world automatically go through OTAs or Metasearch Engines when booking a hotel room. It gives the consumer a choice, saves them money, and they’re booking is instant.
Thousands of potential guests are surfing hotel websites daily, yet, most hotels have a website that chases potential guests away.

A hotel’s website is the first place that a hotel owner should look at before they reopen their doors. FIX YOUR WEBSITE!

Demand will return and it’s up to the hotels to hold the cards this time around!

Will you play it differently this time? Or will you just go back to the bad old days, when high commissions were normal and lack of customers’ information was accepted? 

As Einstien once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

Your Not Mad

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We hope that the above helps you in your search for creating more direct room bookings through OTAs, metasearch engines, social media, walk ins, your hotel channel manager, hotel website, and direct room bookings via your own branded booking engine. 

Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure that your not too busy chasing bookings and forgetting about the most important thing – Your Hotel Guests!

Contact us and speak with one of our Marketing Specialists today about what we can do to increase your hotel’s direct room bookings. info@increasethebookings.com 


Stephen has been involved in the hotel industry for longer than he remembers. He has watched the way that hotel room bookings have changed, and between himself and his now business partners, they have developed what they call the 53-step process. The 53-step process, when followed, brings constant 90% occupancy, no matter your property's size or location.

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