Listing Your Hotel On Google Hotels
Google hotel is the place for hotels to increase their direct room bookings through their hotel's website.

Listing Your Hotel On Google Hotels

Increasing your hotel room bookings meta search engines
Drive direct traffic to your hotel’s website through meta search engines

Is Google Hotel Becoming The Number One For Hoteliers?

No matter the season or the reason – there is a NO better place to deliver Direct Bookings than the humongous converting Ad Program Google Hotel. Whether you are a hotel, b&b, hostel, vacation rental or a boat in a canal – this is the place to be. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to be found on, and if you follow the instructions below, it’s the best place to get direct bookings on your website, as long as you have a Booking Engine and a Compelling Website.

What are Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads is a meta-search platform originally called Google Hotel Finder. Google Hotel displays your hotel rates in direct comparison to the OTAs, enabling you to showcase your hotels on Google, across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Watch our two-minute video on Google Hotels HERE

By providing Google Hotel with up-to-date information on pricing, availability and room types, it can show relevant hotel ads to future guests who are searching for accommodation either on Google Search or Google Maps. Three bites of the cherry for the price of one!

For example, if someone searches for a “hotel in Edinburgh” they will initially see a search results page similar to this one with some paid and organic results.

Listing Your Hotel On Google Hotels 1

How is Google Hotel Ads Different from Google (keyword) Ads?

There are no keywords or ad copy associated with Google Hotel Ads. Additionally, Google Hotel Ads are tied to your property’s inventory and only show when your property has availability that matches the searcher’s desired dates. Therefore clicks aren’t wasted when you’re already booked. Ultimately these two ad types serve two different purposes. Google Hotel Ads are extremely “bottom of the funnel” or “transactional” in nature, whereas Google Ads offer awareness & branding/messaging in search results.

Google Hotel Ads
Google Ads for hotels is a great way to generate faster online bookings.

Get started with Google Hotel ads

How to get started with Hotel campaigns in Google Ads

Google Hotel campaigns let you set bids and compete for booking links displayed alongside hotel search results on Google Search, Maps and Assistant (see example).

To participate in Hotel campaigns, you must provide price and availability for rooms via a price feed (or work with an integration partner who provides the prices on your behalf). Hotel rooms also must meet listing requirements.

Because hotel prices change in response to available inventory, it’s highly recommended you work with a third-party integrator to integrate the following with Google Search results:

  • A Hotel list feed, which is a list of your hotels, their name, address, and attributes such as Wi-Fi access, parking, and airport shuttle.
  • A Hotel price feed that contains pricing and availability of information about a hotel room for a selected itinerary.
  • A way to send these prices to Google by choosing a delivery mode.
  • Point-of-sale URLs where customers can book your property online.

7 Reasons You Need Google Hotel Ads for Your B&B or Independent Hotel

  1. Crank Up Your Direct Bookings – Commission Free
    B&Bs, hotels, hostels, apartments, can now compete toe to toe with the OTAs for direct bookings on Google. Your listing has got as much chance as been found now, without the monopoly of OTAS. But and Remember that OTAs listings can still be seen at the bottom of your ad on Google Hotel ( make sure that your pricing is right and your Booking Engine is up to date.
  2. Performance!
    This study of Google Hotel Ads campaigns reveals some pretty exceptional click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI. This is due to the fact that the ads only display when the property is available, and your potential guests see what the rate will be alongside your property’s reviews and amenities. 
  3. Clicks go directly to your booking engine
    This is huge and this is something that we go on and on about on our own website – Be Your Own Master of Direct Bookings – As opposed to OTA bookings, with them getting all your data, and being able to upsell, cross-sell and resell once the guest has left. By having the guest book directly with you, the property now owns the customer’s details from start to finish. This is huge, you now have the opportunity to always keep in touch and to get your guest back to your property, time and time again.
  4. It works with your existing booking engine
    Google Hotel Ads works with nearly any booking engine. Connect directly through your booking engine or an integration partner. A 3rd option is to work with us at Increase The Bookings so that we can manage and maximise this process.
  5. It’s all year round
    Since Google Hotel Ads connect directly to your property’s rates & availability, this means that they are still working for you during your off-season. If a guest is looking for dates during the next high-season, your hotel ads will work even if you’re hotel is closed for the season.
  6. Trackable
    Since the clicks come directly to the booking engine, Google Analytics or any other analytics program will be able to report on bookings made via Google Hotel Ads. Increase The Bookings can also provide you with reports on campaign performance, ROI metrics, as well as many suggestions for further improvement.
  7. Grow Your Database! Imagine if you have an extra 1000 customers at the end of year one with Google Hotel. Put these names, emails, experiences into your Database and start talking to them, reminding them of what a great time that they had at your hotel. This is what we call – Money In Your Bank!


Let’s see – You compete with OTAs, massively increase your direct bookings, own the guest experience, data from the start, and your hotel gets a great ROI. Google Hotel Ads can be a remarkably successful way to take back direct bookings from OTAs and increase your direct bookings revenue.


Top metasearch engines

A recently released report states that 44% of travelers surveyed in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US always used metasearch engines to book their travel. This share of traffic is growing all the time and is proving to be the perfect opportunity for hotels to increase their direct room booking through their website booking engine.

Hoteliers certainly need to look into listing their property on Meta Search Engines.

  • Google Hotel Ads
  • TripAdvisor
  • Trivago
  • Kayak


Google and its continuous investment in this platform and its user experience, will see Google Hotel Ads go from strength to strength. The cost is minimal, but the rewards can be huge for hotels, b&bs, apartments, hostels, vacation rentals, etc.

Contact us and speak with one of our Marketing Specialists today about what Google Hotel Ads can do for your property. Email today.

Increasing your hotel room bookings meta search engines
Drive direct traffic to your hotel’s website through meta search engines


Stephen has been involved in the hotel industry for longer than he remembers. He has watched the way that hotel room bookings have changed, and between himself and his now business partners, they have developed what they call the 53-step process. The 53-step process, when followed, brings constant 90% occupancy, no matter your property's size or location.

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