8 Ways On How To Increase Your Hotel’s Direct Room Bookings in 2020
Over 81% of people are now booking hotels through mobile devices on OTAs and meta search engines.

8 Ways On How To Increase Your Hotel’s Direct Room Bookings in 2020

Marketing for hotels to be found online
An example of the segments of marketing for hotels room bookings

1 Make Your Website Compelling & Mobile Friendly
In 2020, if your hotel website is not flawless on a mobile phone or mobile device then your in trouble when it comes to your hotel bookings.
Hotel guests are increasingly booking rooms directly through their mobiles or tablets. Over the last 12 months, a recent Phocuswright report of online travelers showed that over 68% booked their hotel room on a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, another Phocuswright report showed that more than half of travelers in some markets are comfortable planning and booking their entire trip on a mobile phone.

Website designers for hotels
Design that makes hotel websites increase their room bookings

3 Get listed on Google Hotels, Metasearch, and OTAs.
Having your property professionally listed on Metasearch Engines or OTAS is a huge way of increasing your room bookings. To get the best out of direct room bookings on the above is down to how well your website and booking engine are positioned. A compelling website and booking engine that are designed to capture the traffic will increase your direct room bookings tenfold.

SEO for Hotels
Google hotel ads

4 Social Media is a Must For Your Property’s Survival
There isn’t a choice anymore when it comes to promoting your hotel on social media. Hotels that promote their hotel professionally on social media, produce huge returns for their time/investment. That’s a Fact!
Social media is here to stay and when it comes to hotels – well, if you’re not on it – or you’re not pushing your message – then your potential customers or lack of them won’t be booking with you.
Social Media Ain’t A Fad! Watch our 3-minute video HERE

Social media marketing for hotel groups
Social media is a must to increase commission free room bookings through the hotel’s website.

5 Your Hotel’s Online Marketing
OMG, the number of hoteliers that think online marketing is optional! Why?
………………..Last year we worked with a hotel in Hampshire whos owner hated the word Marketing. You would think that his empty rooms would have told him something, but his loathing for advertising stopped him from seeing the woods for the trees.
Thankfully he moved on, handed the reins over to his son – Now his hotel is bursting at the seams through our input and his son’s investment in Online Marketing.
Remember – Measured Marketing Brings Massive Returns!

Hotel websites at Increase The Bookings
Your website is your first contact with your world of potential guests at your hotel.

6 Leading Hotel Booking Software

The purpose of management systems serves many purposes for both hotel operators who manage large chains as well as independent hoteliers. Let’s quickly run through them below.

Property Management System (PMS)

Should automate the booking process for you, allowing you to take care of your guests. It should also allow you to market your hotel to your guests before they arrive and long after they have left.

Direct bookings
Use the right hotel software that concentrates and maximises direct room bookings, and make sure that whatever software you are using integrates with your Website and your Booking Engine.

Channel management
Hotel management technology should allow you to easily implement your distribution strategy, creating partnerships with different types of agents in the industry, such as OTAs and GDSs. Check Out Our Demo HERE

Hotel Software Guest management
Hotel software that manages guests and room bookings.

7 Harness Guest Reviews
There is nothing worse than when you see reviews (good or bad), yet there is no response from the hotel’s management. A recent survey showed that guests will look at reviews before they make a booking, and more importantly, they look to see if the property engaged with the reviews (good or bad).
Having a bad review isn’t the end of the world, especially when potential guests can see that the property has replied and tried to fix the issue.
Show your guests, past and present that your hotel cares about what they have to say. It’s a vital part of your hotel’s future room bookings

8 Last But Definitely Not Least
Potential customers seek online before they book. We used the word SEEK because they are looking, seeking price, seeking ratings, location, amenities and maybe that special something that other hotels in your area don’t have.
Don’t hide your uniqueness when you have a huge market that is seeking. It’s amazing how many people that will SEEK for uniqueness, over price.

Hotel websites at Increase The Bookings
Your website is your first contact with your world of potential guests at your hotel.

We hope that the above helps you in your search for creating more direct room bookings for your property. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure that your not too busy chasing bookings and forgetting about the most important thing – Your Customers!

Contact us and speak with one of our Marketing Specialists today about what we can do to increase your property’s direct bookings. Email info@increasethebookings.com today.


Stephen has been involved in the hotel industry for longer than he remembers. He has watched the way that hotel room bookings have changed, and between himself and his now business partners, they have developed what they call the 53-step process. The 53-step process, when followed, brings constant 90% occupancy, no matter your property's size or location.

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