10 Top Reasons Why Your Hotels Website Needs a Hotel Booking Engine and Why it Has to Start Working Directly with Metasearch Engines In 2020
Hotel software that manages guests and room bookings on selected channel managers. Control your guests movements before they arrive, during and after their stay.

10 Top Reasons Why Your Hotels Website Needs a Hotel Booking Engine and Why it Has to Start Working Directly with Metasearch Engines In 2020

Google Hotel Meat search engines
Google hotel is the place for hotels to increase their direct room bookings through their hotel’s website.

Long gone are the days when most guests called the hotel front desk to reserve their stay. Now, most guests research and book online through, OTAs and Metasearch Engines. We hear Hoteliers screaming across the globe regarding the high commissions that they have to pay the Booking. Coms of this world. The question is “what are they doing about it?”

Has your property got a Booking Engine? Does your property work with Metasearch Engines? Does your property know about the benefits of a compelling Booking Engine and the benefits of direct bookings through Meta Search Engines?

Read on and before you have your coffee finished, we’ll explain how an embedded booking engine on your hotel’s website can boost your direct bookings and improve your guests’ direct booking experience. We’re sure that the next purchase for your property will be a compelling Booking Engine and an investment of your time with a Meta Search Consultant.

What is a hotel booking engine?
First off, let’s define what a hotel booking engine is. A hotel booking engine is a chunk of software that’s been embedded into your website, for the sole purpose of guests to book your property online. It allows you to sell your rooms directly, to your guests, on your property’s website.

What is a Meta Search Engine?

Meta Search Engines , Google Hotel, trivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak
Powerful route for hotels to create direct room bookings.

A meta search engine is not technically a search engine, but a web portal that aggregates the web search results for a keyword or a phrase of many different search engines using a proprietary algorithm. It is therefore not necessary to use each search engine separately to obtain the search results you desire. Examples of meta search engines include Google Hotels, Trivago, Trip Advisor, Kayak, etc..

Why Your Property Needs A Booking Engine and Why it Should Work Closer With Meta Search Engines

  1. Your property is instantlhttps://increasethebookings.com/hotel-websites-designed-in-wordpress-seo/y bookable through your hotel website. A booking engine will bring your hotel an abundance of commission-free bookings with a Compelling Website Booking Engine – Work closely with commission-free Meta Search Engines and you will see your direct room bookings flourish!
Hotel Software Guest management
Hotel software that manages guests and room bookings.

2. Hotel guests want to book on https://increasethebookings.com/mobile devices. Your Booking Engine gives your guests that extra opportunity to BOOK NOW! If your website has delivered your side of the story, it’s compelling and it’s what your lookers want to book – why would you not allow them to book now? A great Booking Engine is worth its weight in gold and will fill them rooms up faster than, one two three.

Meta search engines for hotels
Increase your direct room bookings by having a compelling website

3. Your property looks mhttps://increasethebookings.com/blog/booking-engine-meta-search-engine/ore professional. Your hotel MUST have a Booking Engine! What message are you sending to your customers, if they have to book your room on a third party’s website?

Hotel websites
Websites that are built to drive results for hotels.

4. Stop Paying The Big Monthly Chequhttps://increasethebookings.com/blog/booking-engine-meta-search-engine/es To The OTAs. If your property started to focus a large chunk of its time to Meta Search Engines, Social Media, Email Marketing, Online Marketing, and make sure that you have a Professional Booking Engine – you will see your direct bookings go through the roof – Commission Free!

Meta search consultants at Increase The Bookings
Meta search consultants checking your results.

5. Pay Less Commission and https://increasethebookings.com/blog/listing-your-hotel-on-google-hotels/Increase Daily Cash Flow. A booking engine means that you don’t have third-party operators accepting cash on your behalf and making you wait before they pay you out. Ask your Bank Manager, and he will tell you that it’s a no brainer. Get Your Booking Engine and Commission Free meta search bookings, and watch your daily cash-flow massively improve.

Internet bookings for hotels
Payment gateway cards for booking hotel through Increase The Bookings .Com

6. You can increase basket value with add-ons, upgrades and packages. So here we are, you have that customer that wants to book their 3-night stay and guess what, they have extra spending money on their card to spend! Where do you want them to spend it? Your booking engine can be full of those extra goodies that are just too hard to refuse. A great Booking Engine should upsell, cross-sell and make your bank manager a very happy chappy.

Hotel promotions for room bookings
Promotions that increase direct room bookings

7. You Control the Guest Experienhttps://increasethebookings.com/blog/booking-engine-meta-search-engine/ce Through the Entire Customer Journey.

This is what you call money in the bank. Imagine having an extra 4,000 guests per year that booked directly through your booking engine. Their whole experience and of course their contact details in your PMS system.
You now have 4,000 extra clients that you can now talk to directly at a click of a button.
I’m sure you can see where this is going! The benefits of having your booking engine that’s linked directly with meta search engines like Google Hotels, Trivago, etc?

Meta search engines
Bidding through meta search engines and gaining sales for less than 12% and many times zero percents commission.

8. Over 90% of foreign travelers that view a hotel’s website, would prefer to pay through language first, before price. Can you see the benefits this would bring to your hotel? Having its own booking engine, that speaks in every language, and then converts the price into the viewer’s currency? It’s priceless!

Increase The Bookings .Com
A booking engine brings more direct bookings

9. You have the flexibility in the type of promotions that you offer. This is an invaluable tool, a tool that can convert an extra 300% of direct bookings per week. If you work your promotions daily, you can then take care of next week’s bookings and more importantly your last minute bookings.

Hotel channel manager
Booking Engines are the best choice for hotels

10. Last But Not Least. Make sure that your booking engine is synched into the top meta search engines that will bring your hotel commission-free bookings.

Increasing your hotel room bookings meta search engines
Drive direct traffic to your hotel’s website through meta search engines

Choosing the Hotel Booking Engine and Meta Search Engines that are right for you.

The choices are not quite unlimited but it would take you weeks of research and time to work out what might be the right one. GOOD NEWS is that we have done the searching for you and we haven’t just picked what we think is the best Booking Engine on the market, we liked it that much that we chose to work with their other incredible software solutions that work with over 16,000 hotels, b&bs, apartments throughout the world.


A recently released report states that 44% of travelers surveyed in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US always used metasearch engines to book their travel. This share of traffic is growing all the time and is proving to be the perfect opportunity for hotels to increase their direct room booking through their website booking engine.

Hoteliers certainly need to look into listing their property on Meta Search Engines.

Top metasearch engines

  • Google Hotel Ads
  • TripAdvisor
  • Trivago
  • Kayak

We hope that the above helps you in your search for creating more direct room bookings for your property. Always put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure that your not too busy chasing bookings and forgetting about the most important thing – Your Customers!

Contact us and speak with one of our Booking Engine and Meta Search Specialists today about what we can do to increase your property’s direct bookings. Email info@increasethebookings.com today.


Stephen has been involved in the hotel industry for longer than he remembers. He has watched the way that hotel room bookings have changed, and between himself and his now business partners, they have developed what they call the 53-step process. The 53-step process, when followed, brings constant 90% occupancy, no matter your property's size or location.

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