What is Bacoban

Bacoban is a unique and highly effective water-based disinfectant that continuously gives active protection for up to 10 days after application.

Did you know that the normal disinfectants used within most property will fight Coronvirus for only 15 minutes after use – BACOBAN kills it for 10 days!

No other single product can deliver the level of infection control that Bacoban brings. All Bacoban products deliver the same protection, however, they can be produced in different liquid forms to accommodate the end-users’ requirements.

Let your customers know that you are probably using the number one product in the world, to kill Coronavirus within your premises. One thorough clean every 10 days, will kill Coronavirus, making your business safer to enter. Businesses that use Bacoban don’t have to clean their tables, surfaces, door handles, chairs, bedrooms, etc every time a customer leaves. Using Bacoban on your surfaces enables you to go back to the way that you used to keep your premises, as long as you apply the product to all your surfaces every ten days. 

Using Bacoban within your business will allow you to let your customers know that you are using the best single products available, and it will also cut your manpower by over 600%.

Don’t just take our word for it – watch this quick video that has been produced by Delta Airlines. Watch here


    • When a treated surface is touched or wiped it releases the disinfectant through a process called elusion, preventing reinfection for up to 10 days
    • Kills Coronavirus including MERS, SARS & Covid-19
    • High-quality medical grade disinfectant
    • Bacoban is free from aldehydes and phenol
    • Excellent skin tolerance
    • Able to use around food areas
    • Product Information Sheet
    • Safety Datasheet
    • Worlwide Product Produced In Germany

What is the best way to apply Bacoban?

It can be applied in a variety of different ways – with equally effective results:

  • Spray and cloth – for surfaces in bedrooms such as bedside cabinets, bathroom, TV, window area, bar area, tables, seats and kitchen tables, etc.
  • Spray gun and spray with mop – for floors, theatres, toilets, bedrooms, kitchens, general walking areas, air conditioning units and false ceilings.
  • Added to wash cycle – provides protection for bed linen, clothes and other materials.

Does Bacoban kill The Coronaviruses?

Yes, Bacoban is clinically proven to kill more than 100 viruses, including the Coronavirus, MRSA, C-Diff, as well as many others.

We highly recommend that you purchase Bacoban wipes along with Bacoban DL  _ Bacoban dries within seconds after use ensuring that customers are able to sit or handle areas that have just been applied.


**Important to note – We will supply all customer’s certificates – proving that you are using Bacoban for your premises. These certificates will help your customers feel safer and it will also help you with local councils that are cracking down on businesses that aren’t giving the fight against Coronavirus 100%.

Please Note:

As pictured above. Bacoban comes in 1 litre or 5 litre bottles. These bottles are Bacoban Concentrated (maximum strength), which gives you much greater value and much longer use. You use 10ML when pouring into the spray bottle and fill with normal water. 

This means that you will be able to refill 100 X 1 litre spray bottles, for every 1 litre Bacoban Concentrated that you purchase. Fill and dilute before you use for longer shelf life. 

As you can see in the picture above that the concentrated bottle comes with a direct measure to keep you right.

Bacoban WB

300 Litres DL
£ 270
  • Creates 300 Litres
  • 50% Cheaper
  • Free Delivery
  • Price Will Never Increase
  • Requires Diluting
  • Average 3 months supply

5 Litre Bacoban WB

£ 400
  • Creates 500 Litres
  • Free Delivery
  • Price Will Never Increase
  • Requires Diluting
  • Average 5 months supply

Bacoban Flow Wet Surface Wipes - 50 Wipes

10 Packs
£ 120
  • 30% Cheaper
  • Free Delivery
  • Price Will Never Increase
  • Ready To Use